IWC Charity Bazaar 2013

On December 1st, 2013 the IWC will organize its 13th Charity Bazaar in Hall 2 at Belgrade Sajam Fair.

For many countries, the Bazaar is an opportunity to display and sell at a booth typical national items, whether it be food or objects or a mixture of both. These booths are mostly sponsored by embassies and run by booth coordinators together with a group of volunteers.

The Bazaar is the IWC’s biggest annual fundraiser and its proceeds are used exclusively for various charity projects, which are carefully selected and monitored by our Charity Committee. These charities aim to help the most vulnerable population groups in Serbia. Among others the elderly, the handicapped, street children, victims of human trafficking and gender based violence.

Last year 41 countries and various other organizations participated in the Bazaar. We had over 5000 visitors and in the end we raised over €110.000,-

With your help we are hoping to make the 13th IWC Charity Bazaar a success yet again. We count on you to be a part of it: either helping out on a booth, or simply enjoying shopping for a great cause!

So make a note of the date in your agendas: December 1st, 2013 is our IWC Charity Bazaar!

The Bazaar Coordinators

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