IWC – Who Are We?

The International Women’s Club of Belgrade (IWC) is a non-governmental and non-profit association run by volunteers with approximately 200 members from over 40 countries. The IWC welcomes and assists newcomers to Serbia; promotes knowledge and understanding of Serbia; fosters goodwill and friendship among members and raises funds for local humanitarian and community projects.

The IWC endeavors to contribute to long-term, positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable populations in Serbia and at the same time strengthen and support local non-governmental organizations. With the funds raised at the annual Christmas Bazaar, the IWC Charity Committee directs the IWC’s humanitarian efforts. In order to better focus the IWC charitable activities, each year the Charity Committee establishes certain priority populations to target. It then accepts grant applications and carefully reviews each project before providing any assistance. Once a project is approved, the IWC follows and monitors its progress to completion.

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