How does the IWC Decide Which Projects to Fund?

The IWC receives more proposals than we have funding, so we are not able to fund all proposals. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fund all, or even most, of the projects – total requests amount to more than 190,000 € just for Funding Cycle 1 (2010). To assure fair consideration of project proposals, to increase the impact of IWC sponsored projects, and to efficiently organize, track and simplify financial transactions, the Committee has established 5 priority population categories and 2 funding cycles, plus a separate category for a large project (20,000 €), with the option of a third funding cycle.

Based on past IWC activities and experience, an observed need for help in the Serbian community, and interests of Committee members, the Committee selected the following priority populations for 2012:

  1. Elderly
  2. Victims of Gender Based Violence and Trafficking,
  3. Persons with Disabilities,
  4. Roma Children’s Education, and
  5. Vulnerable Persons (including Internally Displaced Persons).

Traditionally, the IWC prefers to focus its funding on NGOs or projects that show a potential for growth and the ability to secure other donors. We want to help and encourage Serbian NGOs to grow and expand and become more self-sustaining over time.

The Charity Committee makes decisions regarding funding by considering the following issues:

  • A relationship of trust and confidence with the implementing organization or individual;
  • Benefits of the project reach a significant number of people;
  • The project provides long-term & sustainable improvement, self-sufficiency or emergency humanitarian aid;
  • Value of our investment;
  • Ease of Monitoring and ability to follow-up on the project (includes consideration of where the project is located);
  • The budget is reasonable.

Please note that traditionally the IWC does not fund building construction/major capital improvements and large medical equipment nor do we give non-specific cash donations or donations to individuals. In addition, the IWC does not fund Government institutions, organizations, etc, although in-kind or actual goods may be purchased and given directly to a Government institution.

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