Charity Project Requirements (2012)

Please read the following guidelines and requirements prior to submitting a Charity Project Proposal to the International Women’s Club of Belgrade.

IWC Project Priorities

The International Women’s Club of Belgrade seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable populations in Serbia through projects that will create long-lasting positive change or meet urgent needs of at-risk groups. Proposed projects should address a high-priority need in the community and produce real and meaningful results.

The IWC provides support to non-profit /non-governmental community organizations in order to more effectively meet the needs of low-income, marginalized and vulnerable populations in Serbia. Our priority population groups in 2012 will be:

  • Victims of Gender Based Violence and Trafficking
  • Roma Children’s Education
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Elderly Persons
  • Vulnerable Persons (including Internally Displaced Persons)

Additionally, the IWC may provide Emergency Humanitarian Assistance (heating, food, clothing, hygiene items) to the priority groups above and Internally Displaced Persons. Support is provided by donations of funds to run programs and provide services; or through the direct purchase of goods, services and/ or equipment for use within the framework of a specific program or emergency humanitarian assistance.

The IWC has two funding cycles for smaller projects (usually between 5000 € and 7000 €) and one cycle for large projects (approximately 20,000€). In 2009, the IWC awarded a total of 15 grants, comprising 13 smaller projects and 2 large projects. Applications for smaller and large projects are accepted by January 15, 2012.


Any registered non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides program services to a group or groups of interest to the IWC is eligible to apply for funding. IWC members who have initiated volunteer activities within the target population groups may also apply for small grants to help achieve the objectives of their volunteer action as long as the request does not fall into an “excluded” category.

The IWC may initiate assistance to groups or residents of government run institutions on a need specific basis.


The following will not be considered for funding in 2012:

  • Grants to individuals
  • Non-specific donations and endorsements to organizations
  • Large medical equipment
  • Building construction or large capital expenditures
  • Cultural programs
  • Programs focusing on animals
  • International travel
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Start-up costs
  • Large-scale conferences

Program Implementation Requirements

All funding for approved projects implemented by local organizations will be paid via bank transfer. No funds will be transferred to government bank accounts (public schools, hospitals, institutions) or to bank accounts located outside of Serbia.

All IWC grant recipients will be asked to sign a “Donation Agreement” stating that they will use funds only as described in the approved grant proposal, that they will notify the IWC of any changes in the program and that they will provide progress reports as requested.

Grant recipients must provide a written report to the IWC at the end of each project detailing the implementation procedure, final budget, lessons learned, and results achieved.

Unless otherwise agreed, projects should be completed within one calendar year or by December 2012.

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals should be a maximum of four pages and should address each question in as much detail as possible. This information will help our Charity Committee better understand what you are trying to achieve. Please be sure to provide a detailed budget for the project. To submit a project proposal, hand it to any IWC Charity Committee member, or email it to

Application Deadlines

In order to provide fair consideration of project proposals, to increase the impact of sponsored projects, and to efficiently organize, track and simplify financial transactions, the IWC works with specified funding cycles. Smaller grant applications may be submitted in either the first or second funding cycle. Large project grant applications should be submitted in the second funding cycle. The deadlines for 2012 are as follows:

  • 1st Funding Cycle – Application Deadline January 15, 2012
  • 2nd Funding Cycle and Large Projects (approximately 20,000€) – Application Deadline January 15, 2012

Should you require additional information or clarification of our procedures, please contact the IWC Charity Committee Coordinator at

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